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Matchmaker 247 is a dating service based in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Our clients are single, professional men who are seeking single, attractive and interesting women for a long-term relationship. Our clients are looking to meet their ideal match.

How it Works
First, we find out the client’s vision of his ideal match. We get crystal clear on what our client is looking for:  age range, level of attractiveness, personality, interests, etc. Matchmaker 247 provides our clients with introductions to single women who meet our client’s needs and requirements. The introductions take place at a local coffee shop. Both parties are given guidance in order to make the introduction a fun and rewarding experience. A time limit of 15 minutes is given to both the client and women. At the end of the 15 minutes, both parties say their good-byes and report to Matchmaker 247. If there is an interest from both parties, then contact information is exchanged. [/one_half]

The benefits of Matchmaker247 include:

1. An active social life: clients get to meet many attractive single people.

2. The pressure is off: clients understand that if a match isn’t a good fit, they will be introduced to more single, attractive people.

3. Dating Advice: clients are given advice on what they may need to change in order to be more successful.

4. Time: Matchmaker 247 saves our clients plenty of valuable time.  In a short period of time, they meet a multitude of quality women.

Matchmaker 247 has this philosophy: Most people are single or are unhappy with their current relationship because they have not dated many people. Matchmaker 247 provides our clients the opportunity to meet many single, attractive and interesting ladies.

Finding someone to share your life with is the most important decision anyone makes. Yet, people leave it to chance. Allow me to help.

Call or Text me Today: 603-534-3262