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After meeting a potential client, and we agree that my dating service is a good fit for their needs, we discuss what my new client is seeking in a potential client.  The goal is clarify what my client is looking for in a potential partner.

Age Range

If the client is 50 years of age, an age range of 40 to 52 makes logical sense.  The client may seek a lower age range such as 35 to 45. However, the issue is that I will be bound to encounter women who are just below 35, and who meet my client’s criteria. The point being that his age range will be extended to an unreasonably young age.  april2blog1

My recommendation is that the client not have too large of an age range.  What will make better sense for long term happiness would be an age range of 44 to 48.  With this age range, my wiggle room will require to consider women of 40 to 50.  A women at this age range will be much more compatible that a woman of 32.  Doesn’t this make sense?

Level of Attractiveness

This is quite subjective. I like to frame this question in this way.  Can a potential mate be average looking but takes care of herself? Does she have to be super model? From these extremes, my client has to be realistic about his expectations.


Of course my clients would prefer a potential girlfriend to be incredibly attractive. I just warn them that they may not want to eliminate the quality women who may just be a “5” or a “6”, instead of an “9” or a “10.”

What is the client’s dating history? Has he dated only very attractive women? If this is the case, it is unlikely he would consider an average looking woman.



What is the level of education for his ideal woman?  Would a high school diploma be satisfactory if the rest of the requirements were met? If not, what is the minimum level of education that would be acceptable? This sounds like common sense. However, it may be something he never really had considered, but once it is brought up, will be difficult to minimize its importance.  april2blo2
Being realistic, if the male client graduated from a state school, he would prefer for a woman from a state school, at minimum. If he is from an Ivy League school, he would prefer someone from an Ivy League. Birds of a feather, flock together.