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I stated this in my previous blog: local gyms are full of single men who care enough about their health to workout. You just have to remember that there are different types of gyms.    blog2

Besides the Weights and treadmill gyms, there are the Kettle bell gyms and the martial arts gyms. Check them out.

Also, no matter how focused they appear to be on their workout, if they are single, they would love to have a girlfriend. Go say hello to them. Ask them to evaluate your technique or offer advice. If they sound decent and you feel a spark, then see if they want to go for a coffee. Take the initiative and make things happen.

Golf Courses

I have been to golf courses that a woman on the course, besides the beer cart girl, was as rare as a hole-in-one. Some women have already realized this and have taken up the game of golf. These women are more interested in finding a man then in lowering their golf score.  blog1

These women are being proactive: they are going were the men are. You should go where the men are. You do not necessarily have to pay for a membership. However, a membership forces you to get out on the course. By doing this, you will have more opportunities to find the right guy.  Make sure you spend time at the 19th Hole.

Pick an event from the local Weekly

If you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results. Do something different this week. Find the Weekend weekly, and pick an event or two which you never have attended. Also, there may be a live show location which you never have attended. Go to one and you will probably have the opportunity to meet a new guy.  blog3

In order to improve your results, (find a man), it would make sense to change you routine and your weekend activities. Make this happen.