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Leave her with your family

Don’t be cruel. Remember, you really like this woman and you don’t totally wish to put her off. However, she should be able to survive an hour or two with your family.

Family Time

Family Time

Also, you will get an enthusiastic report from your family. Depending how much you value their opinions, you will get feedback which you can’t get from anyone else.

Go away on vacation with her

The more time you spend with each other, the more likely you will finally find out that she isn’t “perfect.” She won’t be perfect. She will have qualities which you won’t like or may drive your crazy.

Vacations can test a relationship

Vacations can test a relationship

The bottom line: can you put up with her imperfections? Also, when you plan a vacation together, you will get a better sense of how well you work together.

Ask her to volunteer with you

A commitment for the whole day is asking a lot. Half a day commitment is more reasonable and fair. The point is to spend time together. Nothing like hours together, in a non-romantic situation, will give you a better feel for the relationship.


If she really is into you, she should go along with you. If the day sucks for both of you, this is a possibility, you can still laugh it off. The more time you spend together, doing non-romantic activities, the more knowledgeable you both will be about each other.