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 You have been dating for several weeks to several months and all indications are, “She is the one.”

However, ask yourself, “How well do I really know her?” My suggestions is to provide several tests for her.  Just like taking a Biology test, you won’t know how well you understand the material until you take a test.

march5cdWell, you won’t really know your girlfriend until you have put through a few tests. Doesn’t this make sense?



Most women have experienced bad relationships and bad breakups. This is just how it is. What you need to find out: Is she over her last boyfriend?

This is a pretty easy test. Just ask her, “Tell me about your ex.” If you get silence or she explodes, that will be your answer. Consider moving on as she isn’t ready for a new relationship.

Can you trust her?

You may want to find out if she believes that you are the one. march5e

You can go to the trouble of having a friend flirt with her, (not in your presence), and he can report to you about her reaction.  If she flirted back, that means she is still looking for someone better than you.


Is it about the Money?

If you make an attractive living, or you are just filthy rich, you probably want to consider: Is she with me just for the money? March5g

If you are really serious about a woman, then you should have a serious test for her. Give it some thought and have a plan.

Here is an example which you could use or modify to your own liking. Tell her that several of your key investments have gone awfully wrong. In fact, if you can’t figure it out in the next several months, you may be looking at selling everything, just to pay off the IRS.  You will need to keep this act going for 1 to 3 months until her behavior informs you that she is a “keeper” or she has to go. Stop eating out, and forget about your ‘getaway weekends’ for a while. Talk about having to sell your car or other possession. Stop giving her gifts. Then, stop talking about your money problems. Take note on how often she brings up your financial problems. You should get a sense of what she really is about: you or just your money.

march5kIf you do have a fortune, then you want to hire a professional. Hire a private investigator, with excellent references and take a no nonsense approach to your love life. It will be money well spent.