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Go to Live Shows

Live music draws a good mix of 20somethings and early 30somethings. Make sure to get your tickets early as the popular shows often sell out. It is frustrating to get excited about an event. Getting all prepared, driving out to the event, and searching for available parking, all to find out the show is sold out is a frustrating experience.

20 Somethings love live shows

20 Somethings love live shows

The challenge at these events is that the men are focused on the show, and they tend to hang with each other. However, you will have your opportunities.

In line before the show starts, is your first chance to analyze the crowd: is there anyone interesting?  Another opportunity is when the smokers go out of the building. Even if you don’t smoke, here is your to introduce yourself. Ask them about the show and see what vibe you get.

Go to Trivia nights

In the Portsmouth area, you can go to a trivia night nearly every night of the week. Trivia nights do bring out lots of single guys. Sure, you will have the trivia nerd in this mix. However, the nerds often drag one or two of their attractive male friends. In fact, you will often see three, four or five guys sitting together, competing as a team.

Men Love Competition

Men Love Competition

See if they want to team up with your girlfriends. Expect shocked faces, but if ask sweetly and with a smile, you should get a positive response.

You can wait for your intended target’s inevitable trip to the bathroom. Give him a chance to do his business. When he comes out of the restroom, you need to make your move. Again, try the “can you guys team up with us” line.  He should go for that.

If you are feeling really adventurous, be straight forward, and give him this line: “I saw you seating over there and I would be kicking myself if I didn’t say hello.” Don’t let his “Dear in the headlights,” look put you off. Men just don’t expect women to be this aggressive. However, men are flatted by this attention. Give it a try. Better yet, go out this week to three or four trivia nights and try out these strategies. I want to hear about your results.

Go to Brew Pubs

Do a Google search for Brew pubs, and you will find a half dozen or more within a 30 minute drive. I will recommend Earth Eagle on Middle Street and Newburyport Brewing in Newburyport. Ladies, you will find lots of single guys at brew pubs. Two key points, even though the beers are excellent at these locations, you aren’t there to get drunk. You will have to “nurse” your beer and keep your eyes open for an attractive man or two. Another thing is timing. What if you get there and the cute guy, who you would normally find appealing, is already drunk? You will have to pass on him. Of course, if you are into your third or fourth glass of beer, you won’t be able to have an intelligent conversation, either.

Like Bees to Honey

Like Bees to Honey

What to do? Thursdays and Fridays draw the best crowds. Try 6 pm one week and then 7pm another week. Of course, bring a friend, and make yourself or your friend the designated driver. Make eye contact with an interesting guy, and ask for their opinion on the various beers. Guys will love to talk to girls who want to talk about beers.

If you hate beers, don’t exclude this opportunity. You will discover an assortment of beers. You may be surprised at the creativity of these brew masters and the variety of beers.

Anyway, it’s not about the beer! It is about another opportunity you haven’t taken advantage of. There a loads of single, and yes, interesting men who frequent brew pubs. Go out, have a beer and meet a new guy.