Dating Workshop

We are often contacted by quality people, who have good careers and would make a good match for the right women. Unfortunately, the Matchmaker fee is beyond their budget. This is why I created the Dating Workshops.

The Dating workshop seeks to solve the key problem the majority of single men have: how to create a dependable stream of quality dates.

The difficulty in finding dates is the key reason individuals end up with the wrong person. For instance, when a single has not had a date in two or more months, when they finally do get a date, they will tend to put too much pressure on themselves to make it “work.” Often, the new person will have glaring issues, which are called “deal breakers.”

Yet, individuals will minimize the “issues” believing those difficulties will go away.  But they don’t, do they?  The result is often a relationship which is doomed to fail. Does this sound familiar?

The main obstacle in dating isn’t a lack of singles: there are plenty of single people out there. In fact, 50% of adults over the age of 24 are single. This means there are plenty of single people in the area.

For example, if the local population is 100,000, that would mean there are over 15,000 single adults live in the area.  Dividing this group into four age brackets, (24-34, 35 to 46, 47 to 59 and 60 to 72,  there would be 1900 singles in your age group.

That’s lots of people!  Imagine if you had the confidence that you could meet three new single men or women this week? With this knowledge, you would be considerably more selective of a potential mate. The pressure to compromise your standards would evaporate. You would be immeasurably more confident in your newly acquired active dating life, which also, would undoubtedly very attractive to single women.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. Where to meet new people
  2. How to introduce yourself to new people
  3. What to say and keep the conversation going
  4. Personal improvement Plan
  5. Develop an Elimination plan to weed out poor matches

Cal or text today to reserve a seat in our next workshop.     603-534-3262