Woman’s Wingman

We are often contacted by professional women, who have good careers and would make a good match for the right men. Unfortunately, they just are not a good fit for my clients. Not being a good fit can include:

  • too old
  • too young
  • too heavy
  • Too many kids, etc.

You get the idea? However,  I want to be of service to single women who deserve a good man in their lives. This is why I created the Woman’s Wingman service.

The key components of the service include:

  • Takes place in a public location
  • Opportunities to be introduced to interesting men
  • Guidance and feedback
  • Opportunities to be matched with a current client

Nearly every week, you cross the path of an available man. At the gym, the grocery store, the Postal Office, or at the movies, you will encounter a single, desirable, and available man.  Your eyes may meet, and you may acknowledge each other with a smile. Then, what happens? Usually nothing happens and you both go your separate ways.

Perhaps, you often go out to a popular night location in your town.  It’s possible to meet someone at a bar. However, how has this worked out for you?

How would you feel if a year from now, nothing had changed with your love life?  Give us the opportunity to create positive changes in your life.

You deserve someone special in your life.  Let’s make that happen.