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On my previous blog, I covered a few changes you may consider in order to improve your dating life.  There are two other changes which if you were to enthusiastically embrace would make significant contributions to your social life.  Your attitude towards the dating life and practical conversational strategies are two changes to consider. march19blog2



What is your attitude? Do you believe there may be just one person out there that if you get lucky you will eventually meet and fall in love? You believe it is all up to chance. Worst yet, do you believe you aren’t worthy of any woman’s attention? That you have always been a loser, you are a loser now and that you will continue to be a loser?


Either of these attitudes, or something similar, are poor mindsets to have. You will be setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy: your negative outlook will probably repel most women. You will have a vicious cycle in which your attitude guarantees that you will lack any success with the opposite sex.

So? What to do?  A good start would be to give yourself an attitude makeover. If you have begun making some changes, made on my previous blog, you will already moving towards a healthier attitude about yourself and your prospects with women.


Pick up artist skills  march19blog6jpg

If you have never heard about what pick up artist do, what techniques they use and what they really are about, then you have missed a number of key ideas, techniques and strategies to improve your social life.

When you hear the words, Pick up artist, what comes to mind? A slick guy who somehow can con most women into bed? Perhaps, you see these men as possessing no interest in a long-term relationship. march19blog22

The reality of “pick up artist skills” is quite different. First of all, these techniques and strategies were developed for helping men who are helpless with women.  An incredible amount of men have no girlfriends and have serious issues in meeting and talking to women.  What these men need are practical skills which they can use to get past his anxieties with women. When you boil it down, it is really about gaining the confidence to approach a woman, start and continue a conversation, build interest and get a date. This is what you want, isn’t it? You want more confidence and success with women, don’t you.  Get started today. There is plenty of material on line to help you get started. Start small and build on your successes.