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Why should any man think about getting a makeover? Isn’t that just a woman’s thing?

Well, if you aren’t having much success with the ladies or you are back on the market, and you haven’t had much initial success, you may consider getting a makeover.  The basics include hair style, facial hair, and clothing.

Hair Style

Consider this question: when is the last time you changed your hair cut? If you can’t remember, you should consider locating an upscale hair salon. Before you go, consider your type of hair and look up a celebrity who has your type of hair. march15blog2 Google Images of that particular celebrity and you will find plenty of pictures to look over. What you will find is that celebrities have access to the best hair stylists and for the most part, the male celebrity will have a hair style which complements his features.

Facial hair

Facial hair includes a beard, mustache, eye brows, and nose and ear hair. You really have to clean up your act if you want to improve your chances with woman.  I guess no one tells you this in school, but as a man grows older, all kinds hair starts growing in your ears and nose. march15blog3You have to clean that up. Do this immediately, as a quality woman will not wish to be seen with you. Visit a beauty supply shop, and get quality scissors and tweezers. Make it a regular part of your routine and this chore won’t seem so taunting.

If you have a beard or mustache, the facial hair has to be continually trimmed. If you aren’t up to this task, consider shaving it off. You will find that shaving is an annoying daily chore. However, keeping your beard or mustache under control can be a headache. A bonus for being clean shaven: you will look younger. If you are in your forties or fifties, this will matter to you.


Consider a totally new wardrobe for yourself. You aren’t a kid anymore. This may be news to you, but you want to look sharp. Do a little research and find the current trends in men’s fashion. Then, purchase enough pants, shirts and shoes to replace your current outfits. The clothing makes the man. march15blog5You want to look your best, every day. Have the attitude that today you will meet your “dream woman” and you want to look your best. Women are attracted to men who care enough to look good with their grooming and clothing choices.