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If you had a choice between a woman who is trim and fit versus one who could “stand to lose” a few pounds, which one would you be attracted to? The same goes for women. When given a choice: a man who is “easy on the eyes” or one who appears has never been inside of a gym?  march1blog2

Like it or not, your appearance matters. Most of us don’t look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence. However, our level of fitness is something we do have a control over.

To look your best, you will need to improve your level of fitness. For some of us, it also means taking off a “few pounds.” What can you do to get started? Here is what to keep in mind: think of your exercise plan as a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, the best exercise plan for you is one in which you will keep doing. Keep this in mind. If on the way to the gym, you are whining to yourself about having to go to the gym, then you need a different type of workout or a different form of exercise.


Most gyms will have personal trainer to help you develop a program for you. The challenge is that the trainer is already a person who enjoys working out. You probably don’t have that opinion of working out and may not relate to his enthusiasm for weight training or the various non-weights exercises he may teach you. march1blog4

Hopefully, you will build your own passion for working out once you start seeing positive results.

Don’t be put off by the gym members who already fit. You aren’t competing with them. Instead, you are competing with yourself to improve your health and your body image.

This is the key for any exercise plan: do you enjoy it enough to keep doing it? For some people, it is the results they achieve by working out: they look and feel much better. For some, it is the actual exercise which they enjoy doing.


march1blog sWalking takes no special equipment, beside a comfortable pair of shoes. The challenge we have in New England is the darkness and foul weather of winter. What to do? Well, most gyms of treadmills. While the treadmill is not quite as good as walking, it is a satisfactory substitute when you don’t want to walk in freezing weather, or the darkness of the winter nights. The key is to make it a routine. Therefore, look at your daily schedule and select a time that makes sense. Some before have time for a morning walk. Others choose lunch time, because they have the time to fit in a 20 to 30 minute walk. When the days grow longer, before or after dinner are popular times for walking. The point is to make it a habit. Make the walks a part of your day, and watch your weight drop.

Weight Loss

For many people, permanent weight loss is very elusive. Most people, who do lose weight, will eventually put the weight back on. Why is this so? It is because most people return to the poor eating habits, and thus, the excess pounds return.

marchblo5Permanent weight loss is about developing new eating habits you can live with. Keep this in mind. Also, little changes can make a huge difference. For example, many people eat a large lunch, when a much smaller lunch would satisfy them. Switching from a 500 to 700 calorie lunch to a 300 to 400 calorie lunch, may seem difficult at first. However, within one week, you won’t miss the huge lunches providing you don’t eat lunch with people who continue to eat massive meals for lunch. You will be pleasantly surprised to find you require very little food to satisfy your appetite. Over the course of a week, this will save you up to 2800 calories, and over a month’s time, up to 11,000 plus calories.

The bottom line: If you don’t change your eating habits, your workouts won’t make much of a difference.