How does the process work?

We begin by interviewing you in person in a location convenient to you. We want to have a very good idea of who you are, the type of person you are looking for, and clarify the  client expectations. We are committed to providing you value.


When can I expect to meet someone?

In most cases you will be offered an introduction within a week or two of joining. You may select to meet people of your choosing. Each individual has passed a screening process which includes: Interview, credit check, criminal record check and background check.


Who are our clients?

We are an adult relationship service with clientele in the age range 20’s-80’s; however, the majority of our clients are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Our clients:

  • Value relationships and are ultimately seeking a committed relationship.
  • Are financially secure and enjoy a wide variety of professional careers.
  • Live  Southern New Hampshire, and North of Boston


What does the service cost?

Utilizing a matchmaker is a personal investment.  As a professional person, you understand the value for your dollar spent. When you hire me, I become your manager for your most personal affairs. I will work hard to screen out the “crazies,” and save your valuable time. You have worked hard to be part of the elite. Take the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic dating life. You will enjoy the return on this investment.

Are Matchmaker247 fees based on how long you work with me or how many introductions I receive?

We have programs that are either 4 or 8 months in length with either set or unlimited introductions.  The length and cost of the agreement reflects the nature of a client’s criteria and the difficulty of the search that is required to meet his or her expectations in addition to the number of introductions purchased.

How do I get started? Contact us to arrange for an appointment. At that point, we will have a conversation in which we will get to know each other. It is very important that our clients expectations are a good fit for our services. We want to take on clients who we believe we can work with and succeed.

 Call or Text me Today: 603-534-3262