Why Us?

feb1blogAMatchmaker247 sets itself apart from other dating services by combining modern day sophistication with the traditional values and in-person touch the romantic in us all still covets.The process of becoming a member starts by calling or submitting a qualification form. Unlike the thousands of online dating sites that treat you like an ‘auto renewal’ or ‘victim’ in some cases, we truly care about our clients. We want to learn as much as you’re interested in sharing about you as a person so we can help you maximize your experience with us in every way possible. In other words, the more we know about your background, relationship experiences and your expectations, the better we an serve you.According to a recent survey in the Wall Street Journal, 40 percent of people involved with online dating sites are married. Even more frightening, 10 percent are registered sex offenders may be sex offenders.

This means if you go on 10 dates from prospects you meet online, chances are 1 of them will be a sex offender and 4 of them will be married! This is especially frightening when you not only consider yourself, but also your children, friends and co-workers. To ensure the safety of our members, we conduct criminal background checks on all potential candidates. Our top priority is to prevent you from dating anyone with a violent criminal past or sexual predators. Also, we prevent potential threats to our members, and their families. In addition, we confirm each new applicant’s marital status, employment status, age and other pertinent information. Singles who have passed through our screening process only have the sincerest intentions when it comes to meeting someone special as well as being part of a quality social atmosphere.