Let us time travel: He has just won his third Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. He was and still has, Hollywood Leading man looks, just 27 years old, and the most eligible bachelor in the Boston (country?). Tom Brady really could have dated anyone. He was a complete package: young, attractive and at the top of his profession.tom-brady

However, for 99.9% of Boston’s single scenes, that  was a pipe dream. Very few single women at had access to him. He was not a “player” and did not frequent the Boston night clubs.

Imagine for a moment, there existed an avenue for you to meet a single, attractive, and successful man? Perhaps, not at Tom Brady’s stratosphere, but a man who’s level of accomplishment would be impressive.

Ladies, if you have the necessary attributes, the talent, and the charisma, allow me to introduce to men who you would be proud of dating. I can be the one degree of separation between you and your ideal match.

Money is not everything. However, consider this: if you date men who make less than $100,000 per year, chances are you will end up marrying a man who makes less than $100,000. If you date men who make over $500,000 a year, the chances are that you will marry a man who makes over $500,000 a year. Would your lifestyle be different with a man who made such an attractive salary?

The formula for success is preparation meets opportunity. Continue to work on yourself: Improve your physical fitness, improve your job skills, learn a new musical instrument, and continue to try new adventures. Become the best version of You. A woman that a single, successful and desirable man wants to have in his life.